We are glad to announce that The Ancient Masseria Hotel La Corte del Sole has been certified



There are some places where the time has stopped and everything seems well known,

where the time runs away and we enjoy it never stopping.

There are some places like La Corte del Sole where time plays hide and seek with you,

hiding itself or running after you, jumping from a stone wall to an old cart in the

courtyard, from night share of a tree in the garden to the charm of a window which hugs, with flowered

and wide open doors, the sky in the night and the valley inthe  morning. Knowing some places like these in Italy is a must.

Let’s welcome a magic place among Certified Treasures. Here you can meet only good thoughts

and marvellous people. In this place in Noto Valley welcoming

smile is a sunshine: it illuminates you, draws your place in the world just for a while and you becomes important understanding how time is important, running or

stopping, when you decide to stay with yourself or with loved people.

Alone or surrounded by many people, La Corte del Sole will give you an experience that brings you to life,

to beauty and all enchanting things in Sicily and in Italy.