Long beaches, bays and coves in a crystal clear sea.

Eloro and Marianelli

Starting North, Eloro is the first beach of the Vendicari Nature Reserve, and is the nearest to La Corte del Sole. We are located
next to the excavations of the ancient Greek city of Eloro. You can easily reach the beach on foot, with a 15/20 minute walk that from the hotel and through the fields reaches the sea.
The sea is also accessible by car.
Immediately beyond the Eloro beach, there is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled stretches of beach in the Reserve: the Marianeddi beach. The water is transparent and crystal-clear and with its golden sand, you get a feeling of being isolated from the rest of the world. This beach is a treasure for those who want the ultimate tranquility, even in the summer season. Because of this, it is also popular with those who love naturism.

Calamosche and Cittadella

Starting from the Hotel and going by car towards Pachino, after about 6 km on the SP19, you’ll reach a sign for “Calamosche“, one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Vendicari.

A dirt road leads to the parking lot and from here, after walking for about twenty minutes, you’ll reach the beach, a very picturesque sandy bay enclosed by two rocky promontories that make the sea calm almost all the time.

The last beach of the Reserve is that of Cittadella dei Maccari, where the beauty of the sea is mixed with an area of great historical and cultural interest. Immediately behind the beach there is a Byzantine-era complex with a church, and at a short distance from the church you’ll find catacombs of the same epoch.

Isola delle Correnti

The Southern point, the final strip of land of Europe, the meeting point between the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, is the Isola delle Correnti, some 30 km from the Hotel.

On the right side of the little island, the Carratois beach begins; long and sandy it ends at the Punta delle Formiche.

The landscape is made of wild and rugged dunes, in a rarefied atmosphere that can bewilder visitors.
We are southern than Tunis, in front of a sea that is already Africa.