An antique masseria in the heart of the Val di Noto.

The hotel, set in a 20 hectares property, was born from the restoration of an old Sicilian masseria, full of details speaking of its cultural identity.

The evocatice courtyard made of white stone with a traditional old well is the heart of the place, all your holiday memories will start from here.

enjoy with us




Lit by the warm light of Sicily, the courtyard is the focal point of the hotel.

Details like the old well, the terracotta tables, the long seat full of cushions and the arabic lights make the place so charming.

During the hot summer evenings, the courtyard is the perfect setting for themed evenings, food and wine events and parties.


An intimate and charming swimming pool with an amazing view of the Vendicari Nature Reserve invites you to swim and relax in the silence of the Sicilian countryside.

At night, the soft light of the sunset makes suffused plays of light under a beautiful starred sky that smells of Mediterraneo.



With a view of Vendicari, the Restaurant Le Muse offers recipes of the Sicilian tradition, in some cases reworked by our chefs.

The restaurant has two intimate dining rooms. In summer, open-air dining takes place on a wonderful terrace with Caltagirone terracotta tables and panoramic view.

Visit the Ristorante Le Muse website to discover our menus and know more about our chefs’ cooking style.


An old yet carefully renovated mill from 1887, once used for pressing olives and grapes, is now the café with a view of the Vendicari Reserve.

Breakfast is served here on beautiful Caltagirone terracotta tables.

Inside, a mezzanine hosts a library with sofa, a cozy spot perfect for reading a book or browsing through a magazine.



By the swimming pool, a café serves light lunches made of cold dishes, tasty salads, fresh fruits, sandwiches and snacks, a perfect way of eating without leaving the pool.

During the hot summer days, our staff will serve you soft drinks and cocktails, cool wines and craft beers in front of the amazing view of the Vendicari Nature Reserve.


A little secluded from the pool and the café, overlooking the panoramic view of the sea, a gazebo with comfy sofas is perfect for those guests looking for peace and silence, for a place to read or relax.

Another gazebo was made for fitness lovers with treadmills, exercise bikes and a space for relaxing massages



Comfy sofas and beautiful Sicilian terracotta tables furnish the many terraces of La Corte del Sole, offering relaxing and silent corners where sip some wine or enjoy the view of the sunset on the countryside of Noto.


The masseria is enclosed by different gardens where nature welcomes our visitors with the intense scents and colours of the Mediterranean nature.

A big lawn spotted of century old olive trees, the symbol of this land, is set at the entrance of the hotel. The aromatic garden, with different species of wild herbs, invites you to take a walk through the scents of the island.

Other green areas are on the South side of the hotel, overlooking the sea and the Vendicari Reserve.


La Corte del Sole has joined the project E.Vi.Med – Balance for Life in the Mediterranean – funded by the European Inter-regional III B – MEDOCC (Western Mediterranean) Programme, which involves five
areas of Mediterranean Europe with the unique interest of achieving one aim:
the balanced and sustainable development of tourism preserving the local resources through management practices that take into account not only the needs of tourists, but also those of the local administrators and the local residents.
This programme is implemented with a few basic points, listed below.


Energy saving

We have adopted a detailed plan to use energy in a functional and thrifty way, with savings systems such as:
· a card at the entrance of each room, when inserted it activates a circuit that supplies the room with electricity.
· The use of low energy light bulbs.
· The air conditioning shuts down automatically when the windows are opened.
· A photovoltaic system of 32 kwh has been installed on the rooftops to produce the electricity used by the hotel, reducing CO2 emissions

Water saving

Some measures have been adopted to save and reuse water by:
· inserting flow regulators into all taps, enriching water with oxygen and reducing the total quantity of litres/minute output.
· In every room, customers are asked to use towels in the bathrooms logically: they can be replaced on request.
· The water used in the sanitary circuit is treated using a reverse osmosis system that purifies water and channels the wastewater into a well, so that it can be recycled and used later for irrigation.
· The water from the sanitary system flows through a sewer system that pours the purified fluid into the soil, without putting it into the public sewer system.

Saving gas

Domestic hot water is produced by a system of boilers and by a 3,000 litre accumulator connected to a solar-powered hot water production system.

Reastaurant and Breakfast

Most of the raw materials we eat every day, both as part of our breakfast and as cuisine dishes, are products of our own district of Noto, so they express local flavours and help with the reclamation of Sicilian traditions.

Tourist reception

Particular emphasis is given to hospitality by our reception manager, who supports guests visiting our area by suggesting locations and cultural initiatives aimed at providing them with a taste of our local traditions.

Communications for sustainable tourism

Our guests are given a range of information aimed at adopting simple behaviours that help us improve our service in protecting the environment, and that also makes them more aware of a responsible and sustainable vision of tourism during their stay.

Our hotel and restaurant are organised for the collection and separation of mixed waste, paper, organic waste, plastic and glass.