A 4-star Sicilian story

The hotel La Corte del Sole was once a typical masseria, property of the Ernandez/Sallicano family since the Nineteenth century.

The renovation was well-conducted by Carlo and Gianfranco Pintaldi, two brothers with Sicilian origins. The project converted the old masseria in a modern hotel with 36 rooms, a swimming pool, a restaurant and many different relaxing areas.


The farm, with its small farming community, was once an estate.
A world in which farmers worked, got tired, celebrated on the occasion of field-related festivals, fell in love and raised their children.
Until the ’60s, the farm was inhabited and productive. The main production were olive oil and wine, together with almonds, citrus fruits and the breeding of cows that produced milk and cheese.


The renovation was sought after and carried out by the brothers Carlo and Gianfranco Pintaldi, the owners of the place, who personally followed the restoration project suggested by the architects,  taking care of choosing traditional materials, respecting the colours and the endless details that make up the soul of a place.
After long years of hard work in the Ambrosiana Viaggi Travel Agency in Milan, the Pintaldi brothers decided to invest in their own land giving birth to an enthusiastic project that blends perfectly tradition and expertise.